HB&G Columns and Railings

HB&G Columns and Railings


We offer HB&G for all your porch and columns needs. HB&G offers a wide variety of porch products to help you create the design that best suits your way of life. Best of all, many of our products require little or no maintenance and come with a lifetime warranty.

PermaCast Columns

HB&G PermaCast Columns are Weather Proof, Insect Proof, Load Bearing, Low Maintenance, Ready to Paint, and come with a Lifetime Warranty. Available in round or square.

  • Round PermaCast Column Options
    • Plain Barrel
    • Plain Tapered
    • Plain No-Taper
    • Fluted
  • Square PermaCast Column Options
    • Plain
    • Fluted
    • Craftsman
    • Recessed Panel

PermaWrap Columns

HB&G PermaWrap columns are made from cellular PVC and offer advantages of being unaffected by moisture and insects, but with the thickness, ease of use and workability of wood. Square Columns come as L-Shaped halves ready to wrap around an existing post.
Available in all sizes and styles.

  • HB&G PermaWrap Column Options
    • Square
    • Craftsman
    • Plain
    • Raised Panel
    • Recessed Panel
  • HB&G PermaWrap Pedestal Options
    • Raised Panel
    • Recessed Panel

PermaLite Square Columns

HB&G PermaLite Columns are cost effective, load bearing, light weight, versatile, and require very little maintenance.

  • HB&G PermaLite Options
    • Square - Plain
    • Square - Recessed Panel
    • Round - No-Taper

PermaSnap Column Wraps

HB&G PermaSnap Column Wrap transforms a treated post into a finished, long-lasting, low maintenance column in minutes. With it's patented snap design these column wraps can be easily installed by one person, designed for the professional installer or the Do-It-Yourselfers.

  • HB&G PermaSnap Options
    • Bed Mould
    • Hampton
    • Chesapeake
  • HB&G PermaSnap Newel Cap Options
    • Charleston
    • Wilmington
    • Ashbury

Aluminum Columns

HB&G Aluminum Columns are available in round and square, in multiple sizes. These columns are load bearing and have a limited lifetime warranty.

  • HB&G Round Aluminum Column Options
    • Classic - Fluted
    • 6" - 10" in diameter
    • 8' - 10' in height
  • HB&G Square Aluminum Options
    • Traditional - Fluted
    • Hertiage - Recessed Panel
    • Legend - Plain
    • Elite - Plain with neck mold
    • 4" - 10" in diameter
    • 8' - 10' in height


The PermaPost is made from a super low maintenance polyurethane and is finished white so it can be painted or left unpainted.

  • HB&G PermaPost Options
    • Colonial
    • Square
    • Chamfered

Lamp Posts are also available

PermaPorch Railing

The PermaPorch Railing system is vertually maintenance free. Comes pre-finished so it is ready to install or can be painted. Easy installation, with pre-built sections available. Deck railing is also available.

  • HB&G PermaPorch | Porch Railing Options
    • Savannah Top Rail
    • Standard Top Rail
    • 1-1/4" Square Balusters
    • 1-1/2" Square Balusters
    • 1-1/2" Turned Balusters
    • Round Aluminum Balusters

Other styles are also available.

HB&G Prebuilt Rail Sections - Estimate Worksheet

Balustrade Systems

These low-maintenance features are made by molding high-density urethane around structural elements in order to provide exceptional beauty, durability and quality.
Choose from three rail sizes and several baluster profiles. Curved balustrade systems are avilable in 10' sections.

  • HB&G Balustrade Options
    • 6", 7" and 12" railings
    • 8', 10' and 12' sections
    • multiple baluster profiles for each width